Does being a waste greenie cost you more?

Not so long ago, most companies simply dumped their waste. The most important issue was housekeeping – generate it, get rid of it quickly, keep the area squared off…

By Petert Trollope | Case Studies

Maximimising recovery through source separation of waste

Whilst our sorting service in the Waste area does dramatically improve the volume of waste diverted from Landfill, additional measures can be implemented by environmentally responsible organizations.

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Organic Waste Solutions

Without alternate solutions and use of organic waste, it ends up in a landfill where it anaerobically degrades to methane gas. Methane gas is 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. It has been found that

By Petert Trollope | New Developments

New Recycling Technologies for Inorganic Waste

Less than a decade ago, waste grades including tyres, tetrapack and polystyrene were all classed as non-recyclable and taken straight to landfill in most countries. These and many others have quickly become common recycling

By Petert Trollope | New Developments


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